Data Reconciliation

Solve your data reconciliation challenges

Use our data reconciliation solutions in order to align business processes, so that you can make insightful comparisons.

Additionally, we help customers reconcile data in order to make better business decisions, improve financial processes, align front, back or middle office operations and comply with regulatory requirements.


“Irion has reduced our operational risk dramatically and given us a standard system for data controls for our worldwide branches, allowing us to finally be able to reconcile P&L between front and back office systems.”

— IT Manager for Foreign Branches, Largest Italian Bank Group

Solution Benefits

Efficiency Gains

Achieve better efficiency for your day-to-day businesses processes, in order to increase profitability.

Better Decisions

Take control of, and understand, business processes. Use a clear and accurate view of your information across the business, that allows you to take the right actions and make the right decisions.

Increased Automation

Reduce manual work and increase the automation of those processes that are required for reconciliations.

"Irion helped us automate manual, time consuming processes, which improved our performance and reduced costs for enterprise-wide processes, like regulation compliance and front-back office reconciliations for asset management activities."

— Middle Office Manager, Fideuram

Solution Features

High Performance Rules Engine

Achieve highly complex reconciliation requirements with a powerful rules engine that can apply both reconciliation and transformation rules in parallel.

Recon Process Management

Our system provides features for business users to manage the entire process, saving results and tracking exceptions.

Repeatable Processes

Irion reconciliation solutions are based on a well-defined and repeatable methodology for easy and simple data management.