General Data Protection Regulation 

Solve your GDPR challenges

In a complex market full of regulatory requirements, you need a Data Protection system that ensures correct and compliant management of personal or sensitive data.

Data Governance strategy is the key for overcoming GDPR requirements (that are due May 25 2018) from a privacy & security perspective. You need to be able to change the way you manage data by connecting data to its real usage and understanding if it is sensitive or not in real time, while at the same time maintaining your competitive advantage.



Data Masking Engine

Use our powerful masking engine to mask data while preserving coherence and integrity. You can even perform masking in batches or real time for publishing data via an API.

Data Confidence

Use our powerful auditing functionality to track all processes and every step taken, so that you can always be confident in where your data and results have come from.

Data Governance

Use our Data Governance solution accelerator to easily implement a governance structure using business rules so that you are compliant. Gain the view and comprehensions of your data to maintain your competitive advantage.

"Since implementing our Irion solution we now have an automated, flexible and high performance system for risk analysis and regulatory compliance, increasing the understanding of our data and allowing for better decision making"

— Finance and Compliance Manager, International Bank Group


Simple Compliance

Easily achieve compliance and meet all deadlines by providing supervisors and managers with a trackable, measurable system.

Reduced Data Gaps

Leverage our solution automation & Data Quality capabilities to dramatically reduce the gap between your GDPR data requirements and the business advantage you need to maintain.

Increase Efficiency

Increase your organizational efficiency. With Irion clear understanding on your organizations governance structure allows you to understand exactly which data you need for GDPR compliance so you can connect it to other data you need in further processes.