The RTG Add-On suite

Best practices and ease of use combined together into ready-to-use solutions.

The Add-On RTG suite includes ready-to-use solutions that completely eliminate the need for custom developments:

  • Pre-packaged
  • Ready for simple user configuration
  • Time to solution accelerators
  • The result of Irion’s established expertise & best practices

Designed to maximize capabilities Irion , our all-in-one innovative platform for Enterprise Data Management.

They meet specific needs thanks to simple parameterisation by the user and they guarantee performance, scalability and flexibility.


Accelerate solution development and unlock
the vital business intelligence locked in your data

The extensions

Declarative Data Integration

Declarative Data Integration

DDI takes full advantage Irion's  declarative approach based on DELT ™ and EasT ™, ensuring ease of use and very high performance.

DDI does not require sophisticated technical knowledge, allowing even the most non-technical  user to define the necessary processes for data integration.

Business and Control Rules

Business & Control Rules

Achieved through the full exploitation of the large capacity, performance and flexibility of Irion's rule engine.

 Thanks to the innovative and unique verbalization engine, it is possible to translate rules technical language into natural language to facilitate their understanding by business users or inspectors.

Key Business Indicator

Key Business Indicator

With KBI it is possible to define, calculate and measure any type of key indicator for business processes strongly based on data (performance, risk, quality, etc.).

KBI provides a indicator dictionary  and a scoring engine to create and manage indicators with sophisticated formulas.

Metadata Catalog and Lineage

Metadata Catalog & Lineage

MCL allows the completely free definition and uploading of the "metamodel" through functions of import and merging business metadata.

Metadata can be read automatically by other RTG Add-Ons.

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