Fund Reporting – Monthly Datasheet


Using Irion for the preparation of periodic reports on funds and asset management for a network of consultants, private bankers, financial advisors.

The Challenge

Fideuram Investments urgently required a new reporting system on funds and wealth accounts managed, for its Marketing and Communications Department. The system needed to offer high flexibility in terms of data acquisition, and be capable of transcoding, normalization, remapping as well as, especially, having advanced functionalities for graphical representation and reporting.

The new instrument would speed up production of monthly reports to be published and relieve the office from manual labor, have the ability to produce high quality reports, but also be easily manageable and modifiable in the face of new requirements for new portfolio’s features.

A product was needed that could cover the entire supply chain, from data input to the preparation of the finished report in PDF format, to be then distributed to the network.

The Solution – Irion

Fideuram recognized in Irion the ideal solution to cover their needs. In particular, its flexibility and speed in reports production were immediately put to the test. Today. Irion acquires and integrates data from different sources, processes and consolidates them through the rules dictated by the communications department and displays them in reports distributed to the network using a variety of graphical and tabular forms.

The Benefits

Irion allowed report automation, increasing its efficiency while drastically reducing possible manual errors in the drafting phase. Thanks to its flexibility, Irion has enabled users to tackle any new monthly report additions required with extreme ease.

The users themselves are now able to develop and modify the defined layouts, thus reducing the response time to the reports’ recipients and the changing requirements of investments department.

Thanks to Irion, all process steps based on the use of spreadsheets – Excel – which could not offer the required levels of quality and accuracy, have been eliminated.

All manual activities have also been eliminated and the time required for the reports production process has been minimized, allowing users to devote their time to activities with a higher added value for the company.