How Irion Solved Digital Antilaundering Compliance for Asset Manager

Eurizon Capital needed to perform accurate and automated consistency checks between records and data stored in the Digital Antilaundering Archive and it’s own back office systems for individual and collective asset management. They needed an effective and robust solution that could quickly and simply highlight any inconsistencies in the data before producing an in-depth, accurate report to ensure that the relevant adjustments could be made.

Irion was the answer.

The Solution – Irion

Irion was the perfect solution for Eurizon Capital as it enabled them to implement the necessary checks by easily acquiring data from different sources, no matter what  format or structure it was available in. Irion is expertly designed in such a way that it doesn’t require the establishment of any ad hoc extractors to perform this task smoothly and effectively.

With Irion the client can also quickly and easily establish control rules without needing to write new code, thus allowing a business analyst to modify and add them according to user’s demands and legislation changes.

The Benefits

Irion enables users to automatically generate – if required also in a scheduled batch mode – thorough, in-depth reports that highlight all data registration inconsistencies. In this way, the typical time consuming and highly operational risk-prone, manual data comparisons are no longer needed, making the whole process more efficient, less labour-intensive and a good deal more cost-effective for the client.

Irion automatically provides documentation of all solution controls (with the details of the data acquired and the rules applied). So there’s no need for lengthy application documentation processes; the solution documentation is even automatically updated as changes are made.

Finally, the Irion solution and all the defined rules, from data acquisition all the way through to the production of reports, are easy to maintain.