The Consulting & Solutions division includes professionals in the EDM market and industry specialists who "speak" your language and work together to help you get the most value from your data and data management processes by closing the gap between IT and Business.

With our many years of experience in several markets and industries as well as data management expertise, with Irion EDM you can implement custom solutions for your business needs.

We offer end-to-end services for custom-made EDM solutions and all the necessary consulting services such as: business consulting, architectural and technical advisory, quality assurance, education and training and application maintenance and support.


Why choose Irion consultancy?

  • Quality is at the center of it all
  • Highly experienced in very diversified  data management areas 
  • It develops efficient approaches to solve new and complex problems
  • Shortens implementation timing
  • Increases investment value
  • It empowers professionals in specific topics and sectors
  • It works in coordination with other consultants
  • Directly provides training courses