Custom Solutions

Build your edm applications with a future-proof platform

Do you require support for critical decision making based on huge amounts of data? 

Let us help you design a custom data management solution to manage data for you at every phase of your business process.

Custom Solutions


Entirely Customised

Our custom solutions are designed from the ground up, and entirely tailored to your business needs.

Fast Time to Solution

Leverage our powerful automated processes and documentation, to dramatically improve both implementation time and ongoing operational overheads.

Better Business Decisions

Make better business decisions faster, and more easily, with powerful reporting and dashboard capabilities.


Open Model

Our platform leverages a completely open model while reconcile data and checking data quality.

Orchestration and Process Automation

Automate all processes and coordinate different components. Manage parallelism and synchronization with scheduling systems for higher efficiency. Create workflows with approval cycles and human intervention.

Interact with Data

Use our powerful user interface for interaction with your data, with simple functions for checking, modifying and verifying data.

"With Irion we were able to define  and strengthen a process that was previously managed in a disorganized way. It was very easy to prototype, and allowed us to respond quickly to business requirements, focusing attention on optimization that wasn't possible before. This integration gave us the possibility to focus on the quality of our data, refining our analysis of  displacement and invoice controls giving us a competitive advantage in the market."
— Fabio Nicora, Asset & TPO Project Manager, Axpo