Data Integration and Transformation

Unity is strength in data too

Good business analysis requires an integrated view of your data, but chances are, your data is split across many different silos within your business.

Use our platform to assist in acquiring and transforming your data from a wide range of sources, in order to simplify further processing.

Businesses can also implement important business rules, and improve their process efficiency.

Data Integration e Transformation


Increase Speed

The inability to quickly integrate data is one of the largest contributors to failures of EDM projects. We've helped hundreds of companies dramatically speed up this process, regardless of the complexity or volume of their data.

Reduce Risk

Having to manually extract data from multiple files dramatically increases the likelihood of errors. Our goal is to dramatically reduce these manual processes, and dramatically reduce the potential for errors as a result. In addition, the coherency and accuracy of your data is guaranteed.

Reduce Costs

Relying on the manual extraction of data doesn't just increase risk, but is time intensive. Reduce your data integration and transformation costs by removing these from your IT team.


Easy Data Acquisition

Our platform can acquire any type of data from any source (unstructured or structured).

No Code Writing

The Irion engine does everything for you. You only need to declare your desired result so the system can get it for you.

Data Accountability

Use powerful auditing functionality to audit processes and track every step taken, so that you can always be confident in where your data and results have come from.

"The development of our budgeting system with Irion was an ambitious and demanding project, but it concluded on time and with the expected results, thanks to a highly skilled and organized technical team. Our new budgeting system is now the main point of reference for writing industry plans and annual budgets."
— Ruggero Rossi de Mio, Head of Controlling & Business Development, Sparkasse