Data Profiling

Know your data profile to take advatage of its value

Extracting the true value out of your data usually begins with an increased awareness and complete comprehension of your data. Without this understanding, making the right business decision is much too difficult.

Our data profiling solution helps you gain a first level look at your data quality, so that you can evaluate the effects and risks your data may have when used in other processes along your data management strategy.


Data Profiling


Reduced time to solution

With our solution you have all the tools you need at your fingertips, which are fully integrated with each other, so that you achieve your solution as quickly as possible.

Make better decisions

A successful project needs correct data in order to make the right business decisions. With the Irion solution your data can finally be used to support successful business analysis.

Data Transparency

Today it isn't possible to manage data challenges, like big data, without understanding an accurate profile the data you need to manage and its characteristics. The Irion platform gives you a solution to solve your all your data profiling requirements.


Profiler Engine

Use our powerful profiler engine to produce and collect statistics regarding your data, or as a tool that gives you a rapid overview of your data. Either way you can use our engine inside your project to create a true data advantage.

Full Integration

Due to the power of the Irion platform, all profiling information results can be used throughout every step of your data management process to achieve the most accurate results.

Easy to Configure Rules

With Irion, the complexity of your challenge is never a problem. Whether you need simple scalar or text outputs like row count or average length, or you need more advanced statistics or pattern frequencies, Irion has already included these configurable rules into the solution for you.

"Irion has reduced our operational risk dramatically and given us a standard system for data controls for our worldwide branches, allowing us to finally be able to reconcile P&L between front and back office systems."
— IT Manager for Foreign Branches, Largest Italian Bank Group