Data Scientists agree: Available data verification is the toughest challenge

Available data verification is the toughest challenge “data scientists” face today. The best known Data Scientist community in the world, Kaggle, showed in its 2017 edition of The State of Data Science and Machine Learning study a comprehensive overview of the current state of Data Science and Machine Learning involving more than 16,000 professionals globally.

Several interesting insights emerge from the report from simple curiosities like the average age of those in the profession being 30 years old, 34 in Italy whose majority obtained a master’s degree after college. Annual salary averages $55,000 (46,000 euros),  38,000 euros in Italy.

A striking result of particular interest shows that almost 1 in 2 respondents (49.4%) cites dirty data as one of the main problems he faces daily at work.  57.5% for professionals in the insurance sector. Therefore, data quality, control and certification are universally recognized as a priority, particularly insurance companies from insiders’ perception.

Irion has always been aware of the fundamental importance of data quality. It is essential to determine available data  reliability and transform it into certified and useful information. Our platform and its powerful Data Quality Management Add-Ons allows us to structure and engineer  company data processing, enabling continuous  quality monitoring and control.  Thanks to the help of our Enterprise Data Management platform, we help our customers make real data-driven business decisions.