Irion NRT – The integrated environment to engineer data Non Regression Test

What is NRT?

NRT is an Irion application, created from a common need shared by many customers, used to engineer non-regression tests. Irion NRT automatically creates a series of data checks to execute them as often as necessary. A critical step to deal with software releases with serenity and anticipate issue as well as proceed with corrections. We provide you with an effective methodology and an enabling tool.

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To check and maintain all pre-existing features without code change impact.



To identify and correct bugs that compromise functionality through the intervention of one or more testers from different locations.

NRT is the integrated solution

Engineer non regression processes

Read, prepare, integrate, compare, enrich data and run all processes without writing code.

Manage comparison rules automatically

Automatically create and execute data comparisons upon availability.

Check procedures automatically

Automate verification procedures and save time by anticipating anomalies and bug detection and correction.

Document and historize processes

Secure and historize the process time during its cycle.

Perform punctual and historical analysis

Carry out both punctual and historical analyzes while maintaining precise cost control.

Watch Michelangelo Rosso – Irion Consulting & Advisory Manager to understand the distinctive features of Irion’s metadata driven approach for testing engineering.

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We have optimized the process with our customers and can offer you an effective methodology and enabling tool.


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