Data Governance for Insurance

WORKSHOP | 22 February 2023


Streaming Webinar – Microsoft Teams
Irion HQ – Via Livorno 60, Turin


22 February 2023
(10:00 – 12:00)


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We plunge into the new year with the 11th edition of the Data Governance Insurance working group. For the first time, it will be a hybrid event occurring in Irion HQ in Turin and streaming on Microsoft Teams.
Taking cue from the survey held at the previous edition, the morning will cover the subjects with the most votes from our Community of insurance companies: the IRRD – Insurance Recovery and Resolution Directive and the AI Governance with a focus on the regulatory offer Artificial Intelligence (AI Act).

How to implement the European framework of Recovery Resolution Planning? And in what way is the role of Data Governance and metadata crucial for Artificial Intelligence?

For those participating in person, there will be a lunch and Data Cocktail Experience organized at the Casa Martini Museum (Pessione, TO), where a Martini expert ambassador will demonstrate how to manage the data in the preparation of a perfect Martini cocktail. It will also be possible to visit the Museum on occasion of the brand’s 160th anniversary.

Tavolo Data Governance nelle Assicurazioni - Evento Data Cocktail

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