Irion Really Goes Beyond

For the second year in a row, Irion has earned the prestigious Honorable Mention in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Solutions, the only 100% Made & Supported in Italy company to gain this recognition. In addition, in November, Irion was mentioned as a representative vendor in the Gartner Market Guide 2022 on Active Metadata Solutions – the only Italian company also in this case.  

  “We are proud to be among the very few Honorable Mentions in Gartner Magic Quadrant – Irion CEO Alberto Scavino remarks. – Data Quality historically has been our flagship, and we are the only Italian software house with a proprietary platform from enterprise data management where we use the potential and flexibility of active metadata”.  

Data, time, and people: what makes Irion EDM® different

Since 2004, the Irion EDM® platform has positioned itself in the Enterprise Data Management market as a leader in banking and insurance and kept expanding in energy and utilities. Its end-to-end approach allows optimizing all data management business processes (wherever they are) to deliver the right data to the right people at the right time.

The main distinguishing features of the product include the use of the declarative development paradigm (which makes it possible to tell the software “what” to do rather than “how” thanks to the proprietary DELT technology) and the metadata-driven approach. Combined, they take us to the next generation from traditional data management systems, as they surpass the limits of classic ETL. Moreover, they help to get value from the business data assets by reducing manual and repetitive tasks and cutting down on costs and effort.

Critical capabilities for data quality

According to Gartner, the critical and highly differentiating features among the different Data Quality Solutions include metadata and data lineage, as well as the ability to detect and monitor anomalies, automation and augmentation. The latter means the ability to automate certain data quality processes with active metadata and artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.  

All capabilities that assist the user in complicated and repetitive operations are “augmented”. That’s just what Irion does: Augmented Data Quality is divided into discovery (finding where the data is located and how to classify it best), suggestion (finding the relationships between the entities and suggesting the rules), and automation (fixing anomalies and repeating previous actions, for example, updating the documentation). 

Unique features for the communication between IT and Business

Irion EDM® is a complete platform for Data Quality supervision. It starts with analyzing the context and instantiates hundreds of automated checks for verifying the data accountability within a few seconds, thanks to reading the metadata. For example, considering the dates, it checks not only the format but also consistency. The system then proceeds with the analysis of the results, supporting the remediation process for the detected anomalies. 

Irion has unique features for facilitating communication between IT and business and keeping them aligned. For instance, a rule written in technical terms (such as an SQL query) is instantly translated into business-friendly terms, thanks to the data dictionary. One can adopt Data Quality metrics (Key Quality Indicators – KQI), starting from the available metadata. These include the indicators that the data complies with the rules, indicators of running data-intensive processes (performance monitoring), data governance indicators, and other event-specific ones. In short, Irion’s advantage is the ability to offer numerous functions for data integration, quality, and reconciliation throughout the data management process while integrating with other tools available on the market.  

Data Quality with Irion EDM® means teamwork

Data management is a team play. In order to win, it is necessary that all the actors involved collaborate. There are fundamentals and techniques to apply (analysis, integration, quality verification, preparation, exploration), and a number of capabilities made available by the instruments must support them in a context where the rules of the game change often (for example, the field becomes larger, or the number of players increases). The declarative paradigm ensures that, wherever possible, it is the platform that manages these changes automatically.

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Irion EDM® offers hundreds of features for Data Quality Governance, i.e., the collaborative management of all processes for supervising the data quality. These include change management tools and workflows to work together on different objects, solutions, and metadata; dynamic APIs; ML solutions with native languages; test automation (e.g., regression); control laboratories.