Corporate welfare, Irion provides over €4,000 per person annually

According to the Censis-Eudaimon 2023 report, only a few employees (20%) are familiar with corporate welfare tools, but they all consider it a valuable support, with a clear priority: 79% of respondents want a better work-life balance.

For the welfare of employees and their families, including personalized services, Irion provides a per capita share of more than €4,000 , including meal vouchers. This is more than four times the national average (in companies with structured welfare, Edenred Italy Observatory 2023) for a total amount of about half a million euros a year, close to 2.5% of turnover.

Concrete help in every phase of daily life: from the reimbursement of the expenses for children’s education, mortgage and loan interest, to leisure time, while passing through sports activities and needs of all kinds: yoga in the park of the Turin offices, osteopath to get well, tax advice and psychological support. In addition, mothers with children up to six years old can access reduced and flexible working hours, thanks to the “Mum@Irion” initiative.

A 360-degree support, with the possibility to book medical checkups in hundreds of facilities throughout the country, take advantage of shopping vouchers on the most popular e-commerce, buy trips (also through flexible vouchers) or go shopping in affiliated stores.

Welfare for every need

This is Irion’s welfare accomplishments five years after the launch of such services in the company in 2018. A cutting-edge program in Italy and constantly growing, which manages to meet all the different needs of colleagues, also thanks to their direct and preventive involvement through online questionnaires. Great interest has been shown for travel, vacation and leisure, recipients of an important share in 2023 (53%). Also particularly relevant is the €3,000 annual support to beneficiaries of Law 104 for disabilities, direct or indirect (caregivers).

More than 400,000 euros come from items allocated directly by the company, including 100,000 from the Irion for Family program, which from 2020 supports our colleagues from the birth of a new child, thanks to annual contributions, until college age. It starts with an initial one-time contribution (€500) and is then provided €2,500 annually for the first three years, for a total of as much as €11,000 over the first six years of the child’s life. A specialized web portal guides colleagues in making personal choices about how to spend the available welfare credit, from among thousands of options.

The extra proximity welfare

Another €100,000 or so came from Irion’s participation in the CommuniCare 2.0 project in collaboration with lead partner EnviPark and other companies based in the Turin science-technology park, in response to a call for proposals from the Piedmont Region.

Among these, the most popular have been gymnastics and yoga classes and  the specialized tax assistance for all kinds of paperwork with the IRS (which made more than half of the bookings). To be noted, the company’s butler service for running all kinds of errands in the city and gaining free time, the availability of a psychologist, summer recreation centers for kids, and film and photography courses have been particularly appreciated so far. Newly added to the program is also the availability of an Osteopath. And with the help of an accountant, it is possible to have 730 or ISEE declarations filled out free of charge, or even manage labor contracts to hire domestic helpers and baby sitters (in addition to having their salaries and contributions reimbursed).

The attention to the territory

Over the past 11 years, especially during Christmas (but also for concrete help during the Covid-19 pandemic, with €50,000 that made possible the purchase of six monitors destined for the Intensive Care Unit of the Molinette Hospital) Irion has donated almost €700,000 to third-sector associations, most recently €75,000 for the 2022 Christmas holidays, distributed to 20 non-profit organizations. At the same time, to make its commitment even more evident, Irion changed its corporate name to become a Benefit Corporation.

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