2020 – Irion Welfare for family

Irion for Family

At Irion we understand the financial impact of having a child.

Expenses increase considerably, and there is an increasing  need to reconcile work with family life. These are needs that risk compromising the balance in the family, especially if the services offer is insufficient, starting from those for early childhood.

That’s why we try to do the little we can to satisfy these needs.

In 2019, the Smart Working project was activated to help reconcile work and family life. This important and useful initiative was met with great enthusiasm.

But we thought it necessary to take a step further, to go even more towards the family needs, almost outside the existing schemes and logic.

What we offer is not just the possibility to work from home, but also guaranteed economical support directly dependent on the number of children in a family and their age.

That’s how Irion for Family was born.

It is a practical plan that sees the dispensing of a monetary contribution with the corporate welfare tool, starting from January 2020.

From the child’s first days up to university graduation, it is distributed in the following way:

1.      Birth A one-off contribution of 500€
2.      Children of nursery age Annual contribution of 2.500€
3.      Children of kindergarten age Annual contribution of 1.000€
4.      Primary school children Annual contribution of 700€
5.      Middle school children Annual contribution of 500€
6.      High school students Annual contribution of 500€
7.      University students Annual contribution of 500€

The contribution will be provided for every child according to their age group.