Irion For Family:
Real help for families with children

We provide parents with benefits up to € 2,500/year for daycare and € 1,000/year for kindergarten for each child.

Discover Irion For Family, the company welfare for young families as well as Smart Working and the on-site Gym. Lots of benefits employees love.

At Irion we understand the financial impact of having a child. Year after year expenses increase considerably and there is an increasing need to reconcile working life with family life.  Family balance risks being compromised due to a lack of available services that start from early childhood.

We are doing out best to meet those needs.

During 2019, we started the Smart Working project that gave employees the possibility of working from home in order to make work more compatible with family life. An effective initiative met with appreciation.

In order to really help families we decided to go even further, by offering not only the possibility of working from home, but the guarantee of financial support directly linked to the age and number of children.

Thus Irion for Family  was born.

This is a concrete plan to provide a monetary contribution using corporate welfare, starting on January 2020.

It is organized from the child’s birth up until graduation:

1.      Newborn 500€ one time contribution
2.      Daycare 2.500€ a year
3.      Kindergarten 1.000€ a year
4.      Primary school
700€ a year
5.      Lower secondary school 500€ a year
6.      Upper secondary school  500€ a year
7.      University 500€ a year

The contribution will be paid for each child according to age group.

The plan adds to existing benefits we have provided our employees for years which is made up of 60%  male and 40% female, 45% between the ages of 25 and 35. We offer a combination of monetary and non-monetary benefits, together with a pleasant working environment.

Welfare paid in 2019 (almost 1.5% of turnover) was far higher than contractually provided and used for traveling, holidays (46.16%), school, educational (29.97%),  pension (10.21%), vouchers (8.12%), sports (2.12%), health (2.01%) and interest on loans and mortgages reimbursements (1.43%).

About 2,000 square meters of open space, bright and spacious offices. We offer our employees an on-site gym, changing rooms, showers and an area with soccer and tennis tables to take advantage of lunch or post-work breaks with sports and leisure activities.

Enjoy your lunch break at one of the two modernly equipped kitchen rooms. In addition, the Turin offices located at the Envipark, on a green area with a semi-underground structure that houses a restaurant and bar area with outdoor seating.