The right data, to the right people, at the right time.

Go beyond traditional technologies. Choose the unique declarative platform to optimize all your data management processes, wherever your data is.

Using the Irion platform helped us achieve 40% savings on Trading and Risk Management costs.

Domenico Scarpa – Market Data & Info provider Management

Industrialize data acquisition from multiple sources: minimize the costs and use quality data!

  • Integrate and validate the data available in different formats and with different meanings, and use it in hundreds of daily micro-processes at different times, including intra-day frequencies.
  • Protect your investments: Irion EDM acts as a hub to centrally connect and use giant amounts of data, thus facilitating its use and sharing.
  • Save money and be more competitive: coordinate and govern every step of your data supply chain with an end-to-end, metadata-driven platform!

Free your Team from manual and repetitive activities and spend the time on more valuable tasks!

Automate processes and develop solutions incrementally without having to write code. Irion EDM® is a fully metadata-driven & low-code platform. It is intuitive, and even non-technical specialists can easily configure it.

Automate and reduce costs and risks. Maximize margins and time and focus on the higher-value activities.

Excellent performance: saving 90% of processing time compared to the previous month and, most importantly, simplicity of use for any users, not necessarily IT.

Michele Scippa – Head of IT Governance

We were looking for a solution that would significantly reduce the human effort so widespread in the quarterly market data verification and ensure maximum effectiveness and safety, […] we can already speak about 60-70% reduction of the original processing times.

Paolo Pulina – Risk Manager

We were looking for speed, flexibility, and security. We have designed and implemented our innovative technologies!

Choose Irion to overcome the limitations of traditional technologies. Many industry leaders have chosen an innovative approach to their data with the DELT™ – Declarative Extract Load & Transform – engine, which is at the core of our platform. The declarative approach boosts the developers’ productivity. It also reduces inefficiencies that result from the use of procedural technologies.

Let Irion EDM® work for you and automate the processes and reduce the solution turnaround time by up to 70%!

Supporting you all the way along the solution development: great professionals for a great platform!

Irion has a team of established professionals (mathematicians, engineers, computer scientists, economic and financial specialists) who will support you in all functional technical aspects of developing a solution for your data process. So, how do we help you achieve your goals?

  • With a network of specialized partners, an ecosystem of skills, and complementary technologies ready to support you at all times!
  • With a compact and efficient multidisciplinary team, which will help you create solutions to respond to practical problems!
  • With specialized courses for you and your colleagues: gain the Irion EDM designer skills. Get to know the platform’s secrets and learn to assemble your metadata-driven solutions completely autonomously.

We needed someone who would not be a mere provider but a real business partner that would listen to our needs and at the same time support us with their expertise.

Fabio Pittana – Chief Operating Officer

Businesses need data.

Data needs Irion EDM®.

Businesses need data.

Data needs Irion EDM®.

Industry leaders trust Irion to manage their processes based on reliable, quality data

What are you waiting for?

Organize and understand your data as you choose a guiding framework that the industry leaders successfully use. Keep up with the changes as the data increase in volumes and variety. Discover the hidden connections between your data!