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Alberto Scavino, Giovanni Scavino and Mauro Sturaro founded Irion in 2004 after extensive careers building Financial and Risk Management solutions. They saw first hand a number of projects fail due to the amount of time spent aggregating and cleaning data before it could be used for any business purpose, hence they got to work on building the Irion platform.

Now a well-established player in enterprise data management, Irion has many customers in banking as well as insurance.

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Irion operates in Italy, The United States and The United Kingdom with approximately 100 highly qualified employees in both the information technology and financial-economic sectors. Learn more about the history of our company.

“Irion Solutions offer unique and distinctive features that set up rule engines for control, storage, and derivation of data, in a way that satisfies compliance business needs. The characteristics of the system are synthesized in three key words: performant, flexible and agile."

- Alberto Scavino, CEO

Our People


Alberto Scavino
Chief Executive Officer

Alberto has over 30 years of experience as a prominent entrepreneur, providing technological solutions for Italy’s financial services and data management industry.

In 2004, recognizing the need for a better technology and solutions to address big data and regulatory concerns in the financial services sector, Alberto, his brother Giovanni and Mauro Sturaro founded Irion and developed the Irion Platform to offer a robust and intuitive data quality, as well as information and system integration solutions.

Alberto began his career by founding Dianos - which grew to become one of the main companies offering front office and risk management systems to the Italian Banking sector.


Giovanni Scavino
Chairman of the Board
Chief Executive Officer

As the co-founder and Chief Product & Services Officer, Giovanni had the vision to create the Irion platform. After founding his first software company, Dianos with his brother Alberto, at just 22 years old and a successful career in developing financial software for data quality & front and middle office systems for risk and performance management, Giovanni focuses the rapid growth of the Irion platform to consistently be ahead of market needs, always aligned with its most urgent priorities.

His expertise has enabled Irion to enjoy rapid growth and success at a local and international level.


Mauro Sturaro
Chief Technology Officer

Mauro’s expertise is designing software platforms for the financial services sector, which are reliable, secure and high performance. A pioneer in developing innovative solutions for the financial services sector, Mauro started his career by designing Treasury Management solutions and heading the software and architecture design for Dianos, with Alberto and Giovanni.

Following his acknowledged success in developing excellent software for Risk Management, he co-founded Irion with Alberto and Giovanni Scavino.

Now, with a career of over 20 years leading software development teams, Mauro heads the Irion software factory to create cutting edge, agile and high performance tools for Irion data solutions.


Renato Valera
Head of Consulting & Solution

With a background in the world of business consulting, Renato worked for ten years in international companies, gaining significant experience in managing complex projects in the field of organization, processes and IT.

Since 2005 he has worked for Irion, where he is a partner and is responsible for coordinating the "Consulting & Solution" area - a structure of over 80 employees through which Enterprise Data Management projects and solutions are managed with the  Irion framework.

His training and professional experience have allowed him to develop over time strong skills on  EDM topics (Data Quality Management, Data Governance, Data Integration, Aggregation and Reporting, Business Intelligence ...) and a deep knowledge of the specific business needs of the banking & financial services markets.

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