The Irion Platform for Enterprise Data Management

A new perspective for Enterprise Data Management

Irion is the all-in-one platform for understanding and managing your data. The platform offers a powerful goal oriented engine to simply and effectively manage the data needs of your business, creating data advantage for your users and your company.

Over the past 13 years, we have helped major banks and financial institutions solve their challenges in 3 key areas: Regulatory Compliance, Data Management, Data Aggregation and Reporting.

Our technology easily adapts and delivers to your business requirements and enables you to read, manage and report as every user requires. No need for adaptation or complex definitions, our flexible and scalable platform follows the processes you already have and becomes the engine you need to drive business results.


Our platform advantages


Accurate and up to date on time for regulation deadlines. Our proprietary technology allows the user to optimally leverage the capacity of the platform with the ability to execute 1 million controls per minute.

Fast Implementation

Our agile and rapid prototyping methodology means you can continue to extend your solution over the course of its development, according to changing business or technical requirements. If your requirements change tomorrow, we quickly and easily incorporate these changes into the project.


Flexible & Scalable

Irion can connect to and acquire data from any source in any format, structured or semi-structured, including text files, Excel files, canned reports, data from RDBMS, Hadoop, SAP and more. There is no limit to the complexity of data management solution or challenge. You can have any type of data management solution.


Main Features

One Click Audit™

Verify and audit your data with one click for reporting to regulatory authorities. The engine is easily configurable to your needs, allowing simple customisation for archiving, tracing and reconstructing data.

One Click WebAPI™

Publish your solutions within a modern SOA architecture, to whatever the user decides via web access, in one click. Guaranteed interoperability using the most modern SOA architecture.

Automated Documentation

Automatically translate technical written rules into a non-ambiguous natural language format using our semantic engine. Our platform uses a business glossary to create clear, useful documentation, and includes a language dictionary for automated translation.

Goal Driven Engines

The Irion Platform offers a powerful business goal driven approach to data management. With our technology, define the goals and desired outcomes you need and the platform delivers the results, without the need to define e.g. temporary storage, data streams, parallelism, sorting, or algorithms – a key difference from other EDM platforms that typically require step by step definition.

Set Orientated Technology

Your data however, you want it. The Irion Platform enables you to read and understand your data in the format you need, delivering simplified tables, as you require, regardless of input complexity (e.g. mainframe, Hadoop, pdf) and eliminating the need for cursors, loops or cycles.

Virtual and Free Database Model

The Irion Platform adapts to suit your business so that you can manage your data in exactly the way that suits your business processes and requirements. Our technology automatically and dynamically manages and defines parallel isolated spaces, with each space devoted to a specific solution, execution or user, meaning you can manage big data as you wish and avoid costly and unnecessary replication.