Hundreds of information resources (technical and functional guides, tutorials, product examples, overviews, and much more), a new, more powerful and versatile internal search engine to provide better assistance to all Irion EDM® users: customers, partners, and employees – these are the main features of Irion Support, the new digital knowledge base, which this summer has become available also for the external stakeholders of the product after the initial phases of internal testing and feedback collection. It serves, first of all, as an online hub for Irion Solution Designers but also a valuable channel for developing the Irion Community. Here, all members can share their knowledge and speak about the full capabilities of Data Platform (the “core” of the product) and Application Backbone.

The new Advanced Search

The internal Irion Support search engine has been enhanced to index the new documentation base, which features more content and is multilingual. Numerous search filters with faceted search interface make it easier to move between the product releases, different environments (platform or backbone), and support content formats.

Dedicated Examples

Content specifically intended for Designers includes a number of Configuration Examples for testing the new product features. For example, they allow viewing in output the results of rules through different modes based on one’s needs, or developing advanced graphical interfaces for process monitoring dashboards.

Library & Product Brief

The documents in the Technical & Functional Library contain all technical and functional specifications of the platform and the backbone: detailed instructions for product installation, version changelogs and release notes. There are also product briefs – summary brochures perfect for the first approach to Irion EDM® platform and the Application Backbone. They explain the key messages and the needs the product responds to.

How to access the new Support

This project is the fruit of the collaboration between our PEA (Product Evangelism & Advisory) e Marketing teams on hefty restyling of the knowledge base. It included new modes of collaborative editing of product documentation and viewing support web pages, focused on user experience and better connection to the corporate website. The new Support site roadmap includes a Forum with FAQs and answers given by experts on the platform, further developments in the user experience, manual forms, and Learning Paths to ensure excellence in client, partner, and internal training.