Partner Workshops in Milan and Rome: coming soon Irion Digital Asset Library

More than 200 Irion Partners’ data engineers have already been trained since the launch of the new partnership program. Over the past six months, Irion has developed a workshop format targeting Partners’ senior resources engaged on the ground: sales managers, project managers, business development managers, offering, delivery and technology managers.

Irion’s distinctive capabilities, market approaches and accelerators made available to the Partner ecosystem were shared. The two days were also an opportunity to delve into the packaging of Irion’s commercial offering, pricing and licensing model, active from January 2024.

Tools to accelerate projects

New in the second quarter of 2024, as part of the Partner Program, will be the publication of a reserved area in the support site, the Irion Digital Asset Library: a repository of resources (components, templates, packages, etc.) to accelerate project development and optimize the creation of Data Management solutions with Irion technologies.

Thus, the tools developed by our Data Engineers and Data Application Builders will be available, accompanied by the installation and functional documents to guide their use, integrated in the Knowledge Basedel site and searchable, as well as divided into thematic areas, including by Irion EDM® Edition (Foundation, Application Builder, Premium).

Partner Workshop Feedback

What were the most important takeaways for those who attended the first two legs of the 2024 Partner Workshops? We asked this directly to those who were present at our full immersion on the data market and its potential (“Unlock Opportunities”) that ended with the Data Management Arena, one of the most appreciated discussion moments of these days.

The features of Irion EDM® that were most appreciated at the Partner Workshops-according to feedback from participants collected immediately after the presentation-were the following:

  • the ability “to have so many tools in one platform
  • the availability “of environments and tools suited to various users and roles
  • the opportunity “to govern quality controls from other systems”
  • a “tailor-made product without necessarily having to start from a blank sheet of paper”
  • a “single platform for ELT, Data Quality and Governance”
  • and the “flexibility and broad coverage” of tools to manage data governance processes

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