The answer to all your Anacredit requirements

In a complex market full of regulatory requirements, you need to maintain your competitive advantage, whilst at the same time remaining compliant.

In addition, with data increasing at an exponential rate, it is imperative to be able to identify and measure risk indicators that are based on trusted data.



AnaCredit Framework

Our solution uses a holistic approach to addressing AnaCredit compliance. It creates a common ground for data to give you a framework that supplies a Compliance function.

Big Data Management

Automatically and efficiently acquire data (and streams) from any source in any format available, for example quickly acquiring big data volumes typical to an AnaCredit scenario and as requested by the ECB.

Data Lineage

The Irion solution can provide dynamic and robust data lineage so that you gain impact analysis between entities and can diagram and visualize dependencies for rules, transformations, and datasets.


Regulatory Reporting Hub

With our solution you can have unified regulatory approach based on a standard model BIRD, that provides a common data dictionary , standardize transformation and validation rules with a standard language public and documented reducing time and alleviating the cumbersome reporting requirements of compliance

Solution With a Business Perspective

Our solution considers the business scenario along the entire chain of data management so you no longer have to struggle to manage data only with an IT approach, optimizing your compliance processes.

Reliable Data

Document the entire regulatory process and produce specific reports. You can even register and trace all elaborations permanently with our audit feature. Thanks to the standard rules of validation you can achieve higher data quality (accuracy, coherence, etc.)