TSQL2 – Transact SQL for Data Engineer

Duration 16 hours
Who should attend Designers who want to enrich packages with T-SQL code.
Course objectives
  • Extend designer’s analysis capability.
  • Provide additional tools for data aggregation, control and representation.
  • Develop specialize of T-SQL to enhance written code, making it secure and performing.
  • Outline advanced data transformation and verification techniques, made available by declarative programming.
Learning outcomes Upon course completion participants will have acquired the knowledge to:

  • Create relational objects on IrionEDM® persistent archives and external databases.
  • Modify table data.
  • Apply advanced grouping conditions and Window Function.
  • Pivot results.
  • Working with transactions.
  • Handling declarative lists errors.
  • Represent hierarchies through models
  • Transform the table content into XML and vice versa.
  • Write optimized and performing T-SQL code.
Prerequisites Attendance to TSQL1 and 5003 courses is required in order to take this course. 
Learning material At the end of the course participants will receive:

  • PowerPoint presentation slides.
  • T-SQL code examples covered.