Data Aggregation and Reporting

From elementary data to a clear overall view

The ability for the right people, to have the right data, at the right time, is imperative to ensuring your business can make data-informed decisions.

Our data aggregation and reporting solutions help some of the world’s leading financial institutions meet their regulatory and compliance requirements, in addition to ensuring business leaders have access to the information they require (such as granular profit and loss reporting) to make data-informed decisions.



User-Defined Rules

We know how important it is for companies to be able to rely on and trust their data, which is why we built the ability for users to define their own rules and controls. Get the confidence of knowing your reporting data is always accurate and can always be trusted.

Built-in Automation

Leverage automated processes to ensure your company meets its reporting requirements, on time, every time, without requiring continuous manual intervention. Need a regular report to meet BCBS 239 deadlines? Need to ensure it’s always accurate and coherent? We’ve got you covered.

Simple Compliance

Easily achieve compliance by providing supervisors and managers with certified and accurate reports. Meeting compliance requirements is simple with Irion, since all your data and processes are always reconstructable, traceable and archived.


A Single Platform

Avoid the complexity of having your data split between many different systems and tools. Leverage our end-to-end platform, with all the functions you need integrate, transform, aggregate and report on your data.

Data Confidence

Use powerful auditing functionality to audit processes and track every step taken, so that you can always be confident in where your data and results have come from.


Use our powerful publishing features to view, access and analyze your reports anytime and anywhere via mobile or web apps.