Irion signs a partnership agreement with InvestTech

Commenting on InvestTech’s decision to partner with Irion, Jeremy Hurwitz, Co-founder and Principal of InvestTech, said, “I am very impressed with the versatility of the product, the intuitive user interface and the successful deployment in the international financial community.  InvestTech has been leading the charge in the EDM and Investment Data Quality management space for the past ten years and we immediately recognized the application for IDQ as a cost-effective, multi-functional tool to support the entire data quality management life-cycle.


Mr. Hurwitz added that “the integrated set of IDQ services supports data quality, reference data, data integration/distribution, data workflow management and even investment reporting services through a virtual data aggregation model.” Alberto Scavino, Co-founder and CEO of Irion, added “With InvestTech we are confident we have found a perfect match to serve the investment management industry from both a financial knowledge perspective and a technology point of view. As the demand for data quality and EDM solutions in North America is growing, we are very pleased to partner with InvestTech in this strategic market. InvestTech possesses the right implementation expertise and experience to integrate IDQ with their client’s business processes to benefit from a ‘best of breed’ solution with a powerful ROI and risk reduction proposition.” InvestTech has also adopted IDQ as their internal data integration framework to accelerate implementation projects, create automated data adaptors, reconciliation and audit control for data conversions procedures.


About InvestTech: InvestTech Systems Consulting, Inc. provides expertise and technology solutions to investment managers in the areas of securities trading, portfolio management, data management, performance measurement and attribution, securities accounting and all other facets of investment systems.  InvestTech Consulting and professional services are offered in the areas of strategic architecture planning, data management, investment operations efficiency reviews, requirement reviews, vendor product evaluation and selection, as well as vendor and solution implementation and integration. Our project managers, business analysts, technical developers and integration specialists have an excellent understanding of the entire investment system architecture and provide the right resource mix to complement your project team. InvestTech’s client base includes large buy-side global institutions such as mutual funds, investment advisors, insurance companies, public pensions and financial institutions. Based in Los Angeles, InvestTech has offices and consultants in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, New York, San Francisco, Toronto and London. For more information, visit or contact Chris Benoit at +1 (718) 545-6822. About Irion: Founded in 2004, Irion is the result of over 20 years experience gained mainly in the financial market. Irion develops and sells IrionDQ, a complete and all-in-one software solution for Business Information Management and Data Quality. IrionDQ offers a framework capable of easily and intuitively modeling, deploying and controlling the business rules overseeing the government of processes and data that is available today in a structured and complex world. IrionDQ is based on a technological architecture designed to maximize productivity, enable an incremental approach, facilitate management, development and maintenance, guarantee optimum performance even when coping with large bulks of data. Irion’s client base includes important European Financial Institutions.