Performance Management

Manage kpi performance checks at a glance

Use Irion performance management solutions when you need to measure and control the trends that are crucial to your business processes.

Obtain and manage results, while understanding really just how efficient your business strategies are.

Performance Management


Better Decisions

Use clear and accurate views of performance across the business, that allows you to take the right actions and make the right business decisions.

Improve Strategy

Gain an accurate and true representation of the trends happening within your business that are crucial to making key strategic decisions.

Manage Risk and Compliance

Our performance solutions can be applied to a vast array of business contexts, like compliance, anti-money laundering and risk, with automatic systems that use, for example, branch controls, AML or anti-fraud indicators.

Solution Features

Key Business Indicators

Manage any type of Key Indicators like KRI, KQI, KPI, or KSI, using any type of metric, measure or threshold.

High Performance Rules Engine

Powerful calculation engine and multidimensional scoring model that calculates indicators and are aligned to your business structure.

Centralized Measure Dictionary

Our solution dynamically acquires measure data from external systems and provides a centralized dictionary for measures, indicators and their metadata.