Anti-Money Laundering

The answer to your AML challenges

Regulatory requirements for AML can be tough to deal with, but the right technology solution will help you maintain your competitive advantage and stay compliant.

With data security and detecting fraudulent activities as the priority, being able to implement the right data management solution that is integrated with your bank’s model, architecture and processes is imperative.

Anti-Money Laundering


Key Risk Indicators

The Irion platform allows you to gain a clear understanding of risk using accurately & automatically calculated risk indicators that are dynamic and multi-level, using a multi-dimensional scoring model.


Centralized Measure Dictionary

Our solution dynamically acquires measure data from external systems and provides a centralized dictionary for measures, indicators and their metadata.

“R” Integrated Analytics

Our integrated analytics extend the rule based model and improve suspicious transaction monitoring & analysis with machine learning . This function is fully integrated to cover all steps of the process from Data Ingestion to Analytics and Reporting.


Full Integration

Our AML solution is easily and swiftly integrated with your organizational model, architecture and processes to guarantee you the highest level of efficiency.


Maximum Flexibility

Guarantee maximum flexibility for users with the ability to define indicators for their own system, automatically execute data acquisition and guarantee maximum traceability and reproducibility in a rapid and efficient manner.

Reduced Time and Cost

The Irion solution is automatically monitors AML processes saving you time and money. Most of all your  anti-money laundering key risk indication processes will be simplified since the entire chain is automated.