The answer to your BCBS 239 challenges

One of the most common challenges for Banks and Financial institutions for BCBS 239 compliance is struggling to deal with data located in different silos or legacy systems.

To overcome these challenges Irion gives you a solution at the enterprise level, converging data quality and data aggregation solutions to take the compliance burden off your shoulders.



High Performance Rule Engine

Use our powerful rule engine to write your own quality rules, from simple technical rules, to complex business rules. The rules engine can be used for data enrichment, aggregation, quality, reclassification and more.

Key Quality Indicators

With a methodology for calculating Quality Impact Indicators and a multi-dimensional scoring model for aggregating impacts into a hierarchy we give you a governance model that adopts your data quality system.

End to End Data Quality

The Irion platform manages data quality is managed along the entire chain; the same control is repeated at various levels but with different meanings so that the business context is always considered.


Automatic Documentation

The Irion gives you a compliance framework that defines data owners and responsibilities, and implements a tight coordination between business, IT and risk management. Using Irion, Risk Data aggregation and Reporting is completely automated for you.

Data Confidence

Irion performs controls at the enterprise level so it has the capacity to harmonize, integrate and compare data in different repositories. With a consistent metadata dictionary, you can really understand what your data is and where it is coming from.

Reduced Manual Work

With business rules you can control the entire life cycle of data automatically and dynamically, reducing the manual work required for typical data management for compliance.

“The Irion solution ensures a significant improvement in the quality of Regulatory Reporting attested by a large reduction (more than 90%) in notices from our national bank. It is efficient, and has streamlined our operative control processes, without an impact on internal resources.”
— Finance Manager, Global Investment Group