Data Quality and Governance

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Data governance is the creation and maintainance of conditions that enables data availability when needed, guaranteeing completeness and accuracy maximizing usage benefits.

Data has always been a fundamental resource for companies. Yet, while data value is a competitive advantage increasing factor,  exponential growth of available data makes it difficult to determine usability at a given moment and for a certain purpose, understand its origin and responsibility, verify reliability and timeliness and being aware of regulatory compliance constraints.

This is why organizations in many sectors have equipped themselves with or are providing processes, controls and tools for data governance and data quality.

The core of a data governance tool is a metadata system that manages a data “identity card”, including all business entities (semantics, ownership, impact processes and rules) and techniques (formats, original applications), physical controls) that characterize them, their attributes and mutual relations.

The central part of a data quality system is a rule engine capable of verifying data correspondence to a series of technical and business requirements through execution controls

These two components are closely interconnected. Likewise, data quality and governance are two inseparable disciplines supporting each other.

The EDM platform and IRTG add-ons offer all the tools to support flexible, scalable, future-oriented data quality and governance future-proof systems, in a single integrated environment.



Data Governance: To generate and sustain business value.

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Irion RTG Add-On Suite

Dots Blend  Shape Measure Play Core


Simple Compliance

Alleviate the pressures of achieving and maintaining compliance through automated solutions that both reduce issues and costs of non-compliance.

Make Better Decisions

Leverage trusted, accurate data, that is always available to the right people, when they need it, in order to help simplify processes, reduce risks and reduce costs.


Flexible Governance Model

Leverage the flexibility of our platform to design a data governance model that truly represents your organisation.


High Performance Rules Engine

Use our powerful rules engine to write your own quality controls and rules, from simple technical rules, to complex business rules. The rules engine can be used for data enrichment, restatement, reclassification and more.

Automatic Documentation

Use our verbalization engine, metadata dictionary and business glossary to dramatically reduce the time required to write documentation.

Impact Analysis

Use data lineage and impact analysis to understand your data’s entire life cycle, including the data’s origins and where it moves over time. Gain critical data insights and at any stage, understand how modifications to data would impact on your final result.

“Irion ensures a significant improvement in the quality of Regulatory Reporting attested by a large reduction (more than 90%) in notices from the Bank of Italy. It works efficiently with better engineered operative control processes, without having an impact on internal resources.”
— Finance Manager, Intesa Sanpaolo