The answer to your MIFID II challenges

Today Financial Institutions must be able to collect, reconcile and control an extremely large amount of data, more than what has already been required up until now.

This makes it necessary for firms to use methodologies and tools that are robust since the cost of penalties of non-compliance continues to increase.

Market in Financial Instruments Directive II


End to End Data Quality

Attain a data quality system and feed MIFID DataMarts, to extract reports submit them to the correct supervising authority.

Govern Your Data

An Irion solution will allow you to govern the entire extraction, normalization and data control process to guarantee information completeness and accuracy and to produce certified reports.

High Performance & Efficiency

Simply and efficiently, resolve integration, enrichment and reconciliation of data from different sources, internal or external.


Easy Reporting

With Irion, it is very easy to produce reports according to the regulation standards required. Irion is able to automatically reclassify and normalize acquired data, trace records according to the required format and check data quality of investor profiles and financial instruments.

Reduce Risk

You won’t have to worry about the risk of non-compliance with Irion. Our solution guarantees the most accurate results.

Transaction Transparency

With our audit and traceability features, transaction transparency is easier than ever. Irion automatically can report all trades and positions required by MIFID.