Professional Services

Accelerate data governance success

Our team of consultants help you enhance your data and effectively manage the information value chain.

We help you create and manage data intensive solutions with Irion EDM and the Ready-To-Go Add-Ons, with a rich professional services portfolio.

Consulting Services

EDM & Business Consulting

Support on specific business issues and industries as well as requirement definition, models and functional analysis.

Solution Design & Review

Irion EDM solution design and operating model set up, check or revision to verify quality,  critical issues and suggest improvements. Covering the following:

  • Feasibility study
  • Solution design
  • Sizing
  • Solution quality review
  • Risk Assessment

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Implementation & Delivery Services

Solution Implementation

Custom Irion EDM solutions as well as Ready-To-Go Add-Ons solutions, including:

  • Irion environment solution technical design
  • Custom component implementation and configuration
  • Intermediate design reviews
  • Unit tests
  • Test environment release
  • UAT and certification based on a number of identified and measurable test cases shared during solution definition phase

Solution Setup, Configuration & Deployment

Customer specific solution setup and deployment, user UAT support, roll out and follow up.

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Managed Services

Team support is vital solution success and long-term sustainability.

Tell us your goal, we will help you reach it.

Our team is made up of product experts and IT professionals who work with you to solve problems, from the simple questions to the most complex technical requests.

Irion EDM & Ready-To-Go Add-Ons Support – End User Help Desk

Based on product  type, solutions and the service level, support includes:

  • Help Desk
  • Irion platform and  bug fixing
  • Irion EDM and Ready-To-Go Add-Ons major and minor release downloads
  • Manuals, technical documents, white papers, FAQs
  • Upgrade and migration support

Application Maintenance

Irion Solution bug fixing. All reports received and verified by the AM service.

It includes:

  • Solution fix provision
  • Temporary application bug workarounds
  • Test environments  fix verification
  • Non-regression test

Application Support – End User Help Desk

Help Desk ticket reporting.

It includes:

  • Classification
  • Problem analysis
  • Problem determination
  • Quick tips
  • Workaround suggestion
  • Operational support on how to use and operate the solution


*Not available for customer or third party maintained solutions.

Application Management – Project monitoring

Irion executes automatic or manual monitoring tasks for correct functioning and processes progress.  For example verifying correct workflow execution, data loading, report generation, etc.

It includes:

  •  Predefined and shared task monitoring
  •  Execution anomaly notification

Application Management – Solution Operational management

Irion executes automatic or manual monitoring tasks and batch application processes.  For example reprocessing flows, launching executions, configuration and parameterization changing, etc.

It includes:

  • On-demand workflow execution
  • UI execution
  • Parameter execution using UI (thresholds, filters, etc.)

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