The Consulting & Solutions division is made up of professionals in the EDM market and industry specialists who "speak" your language and work together to help you get the most value from your data and data management processes by closing the gap between IT and Business.

With our many years of experience in several markets and industries as well as data management expertise,  with Irion EDM you can implement custom solutions for your business needs.

We offer end-to-end services for custom made EDM solutions and all the necessary consulting services such as: business consulting, architectural and technical advisory, quality assurance, education and training and application maintenance and support.




  • Quality is at the center of it all
  • Highly experienced in very diversified  data management areas 
  • It develops efficient approaches to solve new and complex problems
  • Shortens implementation timing
  • Increases investment value
  • It empowers professionals in specific topics and sectors
  • It works in coordination with other consultants
  • Directly provides training courses


Training is one of the fundamental keys to make the most of the potential of our Irion EDM and RTG products. The training courses are differentiated and dedicated both to Designer and End User, Power User, Admin. Irion provides immediate confidence with the product and a deep knowledge of the functionalities in a short period of time.

Given the vastness of topics and multiplicity of scenarios in which it is possible to adopt the Irion framework, we suggest  a gradual approach to training, consisting of  alternating the most theoretical teaching sessions with practical workshops and product "training on the job".

Traditional courses are designed to provide specific training on the various components of Irion. Frequent and intensive use of the product, initially guided and implemented in real operational contexts, can guarantee the acquisition of a "problem solving" attitude and a methodological approach to "solution design" in reasonable time. For this, a tutor can help users in the realization of prototype solutions and/or project parts, making it possible to integrate and deepen the concepts presented during the courses, addressing them in a targeted and contextualized manner.


Our program is available to all customers and partners, so that customers can manage Irion's  functionality with effectiveness, ease and security.


Among the courses in the catalog, some - especially advanced ones - can be considered additional to standard training, as they are typically targeted to address specific problems. As such, they require parallel an /or subsequent training to basic training, as well as an appropriate period of experience on the product before being addressed. 

All training courses are held "live".  Participants received all course material. To maximize the effectiveness and interactivity of the training, each participant is asked to perform a series of practical exercises on the system.

The number of participants in a training course ranges from  3 to  7 (max).

Courses can be held at Irion offices or at the customer's.


Our support team is vital to ensure the success of our solutions and their sustainability over time. This is why our support team is committed to maintaining customer satisfaction at the highest level. Tell us your goal: we will help you achieve it.

Our support team includes solution experts, product experts and IT professionals who work with you to solve any problem, from the simplest questions to the most complex technical requests.

Based on the type of products and solutions and service levels, support can include:

  • Help Desk
  •  Irion platform and/or the Add-On RTG bug fixing
  • New majors minor release Irion EDM and RTG Add On donwloads
  • Access to the "Support" site resources (manuals, technical documents, white papers, FAQs, community forums)
  • Solution application maintenance
  • Application management
  • On-site setup of new versions
  • Upgrade and/or migration support to keep your application updated.