Data Quality & Data Governance

Solve your data quality & data governance challenges

As the amount of data within businesses continues to grow exponentially, particularly within financial organisations, so does the requirement for a strategic asset to guarantee the quality of your business data.

Without this, your company is unable to make critical, data-informed business decisions.


Solvency II: RegTech Solution for Italian Insurance Companies

By Franklin De Leon | September, 2017

One of the largest Italian Property & Casualty and Life Insurance providers needed a data governance and quality system to be compliant with Solvency II. Data compliance for Solvency involves a wide spectrum of different business functions and therefore the need of a coordination & control center for all relative activities, in order to guarantee…

Investment Banking Front to Back Reconciliation for London Branch

By irion | August, 2017

Intesa Sanpaolo needed a system that provided greater efficiency and a better quality of results when it came to the reconciliation of operational flows between their various Front Office and Back Office systems. Too much of the process was manually executed and too many individual financial and operative tools had entered the chain, which in turn…

Fideuram Asset Management Ireland – simplified soft commission reporting thanks to Irion

By irion | July, 2017

Fideuram Asset Management Ireland’s soft commissions management system was complex to say the least. A manual process, locally managed by various departments across the company, it was disjointed and lacked integration. Not only that, but the entire procedure was based on individual productivity tools with no allowance for proper process tracking. In short, management of…

Controlled and automated data management for a Budget & Forecasting System

By irion | June, 2017

Sparkasse is a well-known and hugely important inter-regional bank that is well established within the Italian banking market. It has 140 branches throughout Italy that operate within various business segments including corporate, retail and private banking. They found themselves facing a number of data management issues for budgeting and forecasting process challenges and required a…

Market Data Validation

By irion | May, 2017

Our client, one of the largest leading Italian banking groups, deals with big data every day of the year. It’s no surprise, as they handle investment, consumer and retail banking and also have branches in New York, London and Paris. In 2015 they achieved revenues of $2bn. To stay ahead of the game however, they…

Solution Benefits

Simple Compliance

Alleviate the pressures of achieving and maintaining compliance through automated solutions that both reduce issues and costs of non-compliance.

Make Better Decisions

Leverage trusted, accurate data, that is always available to the right people, when they need it, in order to help simplify processes, reduce risks and reduce costs.


Flexible Governance Model

Leverage the flexibility of our platform to design a data governance model that truly represents your organisation.

"Irion ensures a significant improvement in the quality of Regulatory Reporting attested by a large reduction (more than 90%) in notices from the Bank of Italy. It works efficiently with better engineered operative control processes, without having an impact on internal resources."

— Finance Manager, Intesa Sanpaolo

Solution Features

High Performance Rules Engine

Use our powerful rules engine to write your own quality controls and rules, from simple technical rules, to complex business rules. The rules engine can be used for data enrichment, restatement, reclassification and more.

Automatic Documentation

Use our verbalization engine, metadata dictionary and business glossary to dramatically reduce the time required to write documentation.

Impact Analysis

Use data lineage and impact analysis to understand your data's entire life cycle, including the data's origins and where it moves over time. Gain critical data insights and at any stage, understand how modifications to data would impact on your final result.

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