Controlled and automated data management for a Budget & Forecasting System

Sparkasse is a well-known and hugely important inter-regional bank that is well established within the Italian banking market. It has 140 branches throughout Italy that operate within various business segments including corporate, retail and private banking.

They found themselves facing a number of data management issues for budgeting and forecasting process challenges and required a highly flexible solution to control, simplify and automate them. At this point, those processes were all managed using individual productivity tools such as Excel & Access, which tend to lack genuine flexibility.

In short, Sparkasse needed someone with real expertise and proven excellence in the field of data management and control – someone who could provide a perfectly tailored solution for their needs. Having first used Irion in 2013 to great success and acclaim, they were already well aware of our ability to deliver the necessary solutions on-time and to the highest standards.

The Solution – Irion

Solutions built on Irion have the power and flexibility to acquire data from varied and multiple sources. It is expertly designed to allow users to insert or modify data, run simulations and analyse scenarios and verify the potential impacts of future events using key business indicators from different perspectives and dimensions of analysis. This can all be done while the user works in multiple views, making the entire process much more workable and improving efficiency while dramatically reducing operational risk.


Irion’s rapid prototyping methodology allows for shorter cycles of analysis, prototyping and design review. This approach results in quick time to solution, cutting back on manual effort and ensuring that staff energies can be better spent elsewhere.

The Benefits

The solution developed by Irion for Sparkasse is completely integrated throughout their banking network and branches. Their budgeting process is now more complete, reliable and secure, and is extensively documented. Advanced automation has enabled effective control of the data acquisition process, and users are able to manage coordinated separate forecasting and budgeting processes, using balanced and forecasted data. Now, our client can better refocus resources toward business aspects instead of spending time on manual processes.

The solution’s advanced simulation environment enables Sparkasse to benefit from thoroughly verified future impacts of potential changes, which enables more accurate strategic business planning. The system is also designed to simplify data export processes and creating simulations that can feed external BI systems, while integrated reporting is another great benefit.