Underwriters System Migration for Asset Manager

The Challenge

As part of their migration to the new underwriters system, Eurizon Capital needed a robust and cost-effective tool with the ability to simplify the execution of all the necessary data verifications. This was needed to both certify the migration process and then continuously monitor the system in the future.

Thanks to Irion’s excellent record for versatility and our expertise when managing large data volumes – and the fact that Irion had performed so well for Eurizon in the past – we were the natural choice for the job.

The Solution – Irion

Eurizon Capital used the Irion platform, including all its functionalities already in use in other projects related to Regulatory Compliance, to build a solution for the control of data, analysis and for an application developed for managing official communication (letters to investors, beneficiaries, etc.).

Irion was the perfect choice because:

  • It’s flexible
  • It’s functional
  • It provides high quality results
  • It can be implemented quickly

The Benefits

Irion has enabled Eurizon Capital to run in parallel a number of activities related to the migration process to the new investors’ system and, at the same time, to insert an external component for matching and certification of data.

The flexibility in the Datalink parameterisation for data coupling has been one of the solution’s many strengths, together with Irion’s proven ability to handle large data volumes.

Finally, to develop procedures for the preparation of letters, Irion’s embedded reporting engine has been widely used and this has helped the client to produce high quality documentation for their customers.