Claudia Coratella BPER Data District

BPER Bank launched the community BPER Data District uniting data professionals and those interested in business data so that the way to a Data-Driven Bank starts from the people. The initiative was presented at the workshop organized by the Big Data & Business Analytics Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano, Irion’s partner.

Three pillars of the project

  • Data Platform for gathering the data assets and simplifying their use so that IT and Business comply with the business data strategy. Here, the Data Governance by design and analytical AI models take shape
  • Data Academy to disseminate data culture and provide the necessary skills
  • Data Space as a tool for discussing and sharing

From the needs to data culture

A company already had data assets, but it was necessary to understand where the data was located and go beyond the focus on data quality: “Training, engagement, and use of data. What was missing was an incentive – Claudia Coratella, Head of Data Governance Office of BPER Bank, explains – with an actual data-driven approach, thanks to two types of actions: related to the project and the culture. There is no magic recipe. It all began with listening to the colleagues’ needs, such as: is the data not consistent? Does it not arrive on time?”