Irion Innovation Day – Creating Data Advantage

Our exciting conference last week with customers & partners was covered by Data Manager Online, read below for the article in English.

A day dedicated to the world of data and how data can be a key point of success for businesses. From quality to integration, Irion explains the benefits of their platform.

By Antonino Caffo

Irion Innovation Day: Enterprise Data Management as a Competitive Advantage

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Video Interview with Alberto Scavino, CEO of Irion

Alberto Scavino, CEO present at Irion Innovation day, explaining their motives for simplifying the name of their platform in order to open new business scenarios for future international expansion and industry advanced contexts like machine learning, neural networks and big data frameworks. The day included sessions given by customers like Intesa Sanpaolo, Cattolica Insurance and Axpo, one of the first customers outside of the financial sector, in which the company has been operating since 2004.

Today it is obvious how fundamental data is for businesses in almost every sector. Translating the data hat a business deals with on a daily basis in a precise and accurate way can be a real competitive advantage for a business over their competitors. Irion has been doing this for customers since 2004 when they began developing software solutions, especially for financial businesses. Since then the company, headquartered in Turin, Italy, has grown rapidly,  becoming a leader in the world of Enterprise Data Management. So, who better than Irion then to explain the present and future of advanced data management?

Irion Innovation Day 2017, was a conference between technical users, customers and partners that sought to illustrate the success of a software platform that has no limits. Instead it continues to grow in line with the data management and data integration markets. Alberto Scavino, Irion CEO, opened the conference with an important announcement for the company: «We have renamed our framework, IrionDQ, simply to Irion. We have eliminated the suffix, DQ, because at this point the solutions we offer do not only focus on data quality. By no means is data quality obsolete, but it’s no longer our core work as  this has expanded further to cover a wider range of customer needs. Our rebrand encompasses our commitment to support customers as the preferred choice for data management of themes like regulation compliance, security & privacy, governance, analytics, OpenAPI, process optimization and obviously, data quality».

Giovanni Scavino, President, presented the new features of Irion: «Irion is the all-in-one for a new generation of Enterprise Data Management. It is developed by a team of experts that specialize in managing raw data that comes directly from a source. This data can be transformed into knowledge and value in order to facilitate business productivity. Over the last few months we have made some important updates that allow you to govern even more amounts of data, so that users are equipped with a better sense of the entire picture surrounding a business situation».

The Irion suite is a step ahead and the company is extending its business into sectors that they hadn’t explored before. From machine learning for risk management, to clustering applications based on neural networks. The future of data is travelling down a road that is decisively more advanced, which requires strategies and specific know-how; Irion is doing exactly this today, even outside of Italy. They are already present in the US market, where they serve large clients and will soon enter into the UK (thanks to a local partner collaboration), without deterrence from slowdowns caused by the Brexit.

Testimony of the Irion expertise was given from the Finance world at Irion Innovation day 2017 by Intesa Sanpaolo and Cattolica Insurance, who brought their experience and insight about Irion. Andrea Anselmino, IT Services for Data and Risk Management at Intesa Sanpaolo affirmed that: «In the past data quality was a back office activity. The first significant services for data management came around seven years ago, where the user was an integral part in the acquisition process. Only recently, did the possibility of governance become necessary and should be based on three pillars: data policy, organizational framework and the architecture of a standard application. In a similar transformation, Irion has become a fundamental partner that has allowed us to adopt the new measures».

Daniele Cunego, IT Manager for Governance & Risk at Cattolica Services explained: «Over the course of 2016 we began a project with a new system, with an approach using phases, that began with an Irion solution and a divestment of our previous one. We quickly saw results, like the opportunity to obtain real-time elaborations, centralize our internal and external control repository and automate control processes, with the objective to render the engine basically transparent to the system. The evolution looks at data lineage and the integration of workflow procedures that are very intelligent».

Other speakers participated from Banco BPM, Banco Popolare di Sondrio, ICBPI and Mediobanca, all from the financial sector. There was also Axpo, who was a customer that operates in a different panorama, which is Energy.

Irion Innovation Day 2017: il vantaggio competitivo dell’Enterprise Data Management