Happy 15 year anniversary to Irion!


This year we are celebrating a prestigious anniversary: 15 years of many experiences and successes!

We’d love to celebrate this accomplishment, go over our history and proudly rethink the important results achieved; We’re also ready to face the challenges of the future, approaching them with confidence of our experience gained and continuous desire to put ourselves outthere.



In 2004 we started with 5 people, after 10 we went up to 55 and today we have exceed 120 people.

In recent years we developed Irion EDM, a platform with unique features, and RTG Add-Ons.

Irion EDM’s  declarative approach represents a fundamental innovation compared to traditional and imperative systems of enterprise data management.

With Irion EDM and RTG we have carried out many successful projects.

Thanks to our products we are able to support, in addition to the traditional data processing activities, the most innovative practices and methodologies for the implementation of data intensive solutions (Agile, DataOps), as well as compliance with regulatory requirements increasingly oriented to risk evaluation and information assets management.

Always following our three guiding principles:

Declarative Thinking

Focus on your business goals and trust the platform with preparation, optimization and execution of all necessary steps. Data’s central role and the declarative paradigm are the foundation of all our technologies.


Agile Managing

Deliver successful projects thanks to an Agile by design technology, a compact and multidisciplinary team, an incremental approach, an organization for elementary work units and a focus on the essential.

Forward Looking

Look beyond short-term objectives thanks to sustainable solutions that anticipate challenges, needs and risks, seizing potential and opportunities to create future value.

We are well aware digital business requires constantly qualified, rich, timely and governed information. Supporting innovation and business with this information is our mission.

Mission that also inspired our name: Irion, Innovation Requires informatION.

After 15 years, we can say our dream has become a reality. Among our clients we count 8 of the 10 main Italian banking groups, 13 insurance companies and some of the major energy groups that continue renewing their trust in us year after year.

Looking back on our growth path comforts us, but we are most proud to say that “the best is yet to come“.



With two operational offices in Turin and Milan, we are a highly motivated group of over 120 people, with a varied mix of skills and professionalism (Ph.D, IT, engineers, economists,

mathematicians, physicists and others), which develops quality and successful products and solutions for customers.

We are enthusiastic and pragmatic, curious and skeptical, competent and efficient, but above all effective and precise.

We invest in the education of our resources, with training courses tailored to specific needs.

We invest because environment and working methods in Irion contribute to the sustainability of professional life with private life and the satisfaction of being part of a successful team. We believe in team spirit, collaboration and sharing: these values ​​have enabled us to reach far and we are convinced that they will lead us to achieve ever greater successes.

The years go by, the needs of the markets and the technologies available change, but our mission remains unchanged and the spirit of initiative that characterizes us is constantly renewed and stimulated.