Irion and Cloudera: Big Data Management at your Fingertips

Thanks to a strongly optimized technical architecture, Irion continues to be synonymous with elevated performance, even where the quantity and variability of business data increases, and the number of controls and execution times constantly require better performance.

We are now pleased to announce the beginning of a partnership program with Cloudera Connect. Irion will be certified on the Hadoop Cloudera Enterprise and Cloudera Navigator platforms, which are the data management and data governance platforms of the Cloudera Enterprise.  Effective immediately, users can integrate and query Hadoop Cloudera databases from Irion, including their Big Data in every Enterprise Data Management processes.

The flexibility of Irion’s interface and the integration with the Cloudera Navigator makes it possible, for example, to extract metadata and feed our Data Governance solutions, therefore extending our Metadata Dictionary with metadata from the Couldera Enterprise. It’s even possible to extend controls and rules for Data Quality, by applying them to classified and filtered Hadoop data.

Now, for IrionDQ users, data preparation needed for integration, reconciliation, reclassification, controls, etc…can be done transparently on Hadoop Cloudera Enterprise databases, as well as traditional databases.

Our new partnership reinforces Irion as the «all in one» platform and bridges the features of productivity tools alongside highly scalable performance and server architecture.