Irion Update 8: Adding new features to address future needs

We are proud to announce a number of improvements to our platform with the launch of Update 8. We have added new powerful features and now provide a wider range of services to help companies make the best out of their data. We have also re-branded our platform from IrionDQ to Irion. Although data quality is still a key element of our offering we have eliminated the DQ suffix to reflect our approach and focus to different solutions.

Since 2004 our platform has continuously  improved in order to keep up with customer needs. The re-branding of the Irion Platform  encompasses our commitment to support customers as their preferred choice for Data Aggregation & Reporting, Data Integration & Transformation, Data Profiling, Data Governance, Data Masking, Data Reconciliation, Analytics, Performance Management, Compliance & Regulatory Reporting, Loans Management, Risk Management, etc.

Update 8 confirms our commitment  to expanding our activities to not yet fully explored markets. This update adds a series of features based on:

  • Analytics Engine within “R” environment’s integration.
    Data APIs to enable Enterprise Data Service Layer creation.
    Data Masking Engine to  answer customer needs in terms of privacy and compliance (GDPR and so on).
    Data Profiler Engine allowing  data quality assessment, meta data discovery and simplify procedures.

Fully understanding big data, gives companies a huge advantage over their competitors. Effective data management is essential for companies that seek to keep up with  the rapidly evolving regulations such as those operating in the financial, insurance, pharmaceutical or energy & utilities markets. Irion can also help companies enhance their information universe, simplifying the integration, control, processing and data publishing.