NET Insurance uses Irion EDM to create Life and Non-Life Data Hub

Net Insurance sceglie Irion

The Enterprise Data Management platform captures, controls and harmonizes the input to ensure accurate and timely data for policy management

A Data Hub system safeguards the company’s Data Quality. In the last quarter of 2020, NET Insurance completed a project that involved getting equipped with an important Data Management and Data Quality system. The company used Irion EDM technology to develop the Enterprise Data Management solution. The platform allows controlling the business-critical technical data of Life and Non-Life. It also transforms business data into timely, accurate and effective information. Besides, the projects allows innovative harmonization of the complex data generation system and its storing and sharing mechanisms.

The Data Quality Hub is not a separate and autonomous application. It has systems of Data Integration tools that allow the configuration and integration of different sources and individual environments feeding the data. All this produces an open, structured and certified system that makes Data Management processes more efficient and supervises Data Quality. The solution is of great value – especially taking into account the great volumes of data processed on a daily basis, the variety and complexity of the sources, and numerous ways of output delivery.

NET Insurance have already recorded this solution in their Semi-Annual Report. They developed on the Irion EDM platform the prototype for the Non-Life technical account to allow data generation and storage in an analytical and automated way.

The Data Quality Hub is a strong asset for the stakeholders. It allows the Company to manage even more effectively, efficiently and flexibly the internally generated data assets as well as certify their quality.

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