Turin, 28 April 2021

Today, it is a reality!

Welfare? Environment Park SpA, Irion Srl, and Altair Engineering Srl always pay utmost attention to the needs of their employees. They have set up a project to implement a number of free services for the well-being of all the employees, over 230 by number, and their families. This new project is possible thanks to the contribution of the Region of Piedmont.

Personalized? A survey was held among the employees to analyze their work-life balance and the overall well-being support. To satisfy the needs thus identified, the following services were launched:

  • Tax Assistance (tax consultant, Centers for Tax Assistance, patronage, etc.): building renovation and energy upgrading practices, tax return, ISEE calculation, maternity practices and baby bonuses, management of domestic workers and caregivers contracts, inheritance practices, personal and family handicap protection, Extraordinary permit and leave L. 104/92”
  • Financial and insurance advice: supplementary pensions, analysis and assessment of savings products, investment advice.
  • Delivery boy/valet for various errands (groceries pickup, car wash, tire change, health records collection).
  • Training initiatives for well-being and health: group yoga classes, educational workshops for children, after-school training during the summer.
  • Psychological support desk: individual meetings and parenthood support.
  • Wellness lab: a space created to pause, regain self-awareness, and recharge through various guided activities (focus groups, mindfulness, cooperative learning, visualizing, sharing, and listening).

Local-based? All services are provided directly within the Park at appropriately arranged premises. Some services are also provided remotely to make them available to the employees who work in the home office or live far away.

A click away? Using a convenient app, you can select the offer, book the most convenient time, and add notes if needed. Each employee has 400 Welfare credits to use!

About 2000 hours of business services and about 6000 hours of wellness services available! The Welfare plan was implemented as part of the COMMUNIcare project financed by the Piedmont Region and coordinated by Environment Park SpA in partnership with Irion Srl and Altair Engineering Srl.

It is only the first stage of a project with far greater ambitions. This welfare aims to become territorial in every respect, where other businesses headquartered in the Park can already use the services, with different modes. If successful, the pilot project will be extended and shared with other employees in the location, expanding, if necessary, the package of services offered.

For more information: [email protected]