Creval chooses Irion Platform for back-office automation

Our EDM platform has been chosen by the Credito Valtellinese banking group to make efficient, combined with the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology, part of the back office processes. Thanks to Irion, the data used by the various components are orchestrated and certified, thus mitigating the potential risks associated with automation.

Creval has optimized several processes with the RPA, finding multiple advantages such as the reduced commitment of staff in repetitive activities, the possibility of re-use of resources in activities with greater added value, the increase in speed and precision to the benefit of customer service quality . In the use of RPA only, however, there are also potential problems: a bot interacts with software applications that may be modified over time; the paths of interaction with an application can have particular cases and exceptions; often it is not enough to robotize the interaction with an application, but it is necessary to find information, apply rules, evaluate conditions, and orchestrate a series of tasks.

In this context, a process automation architecture can not therefore disregard a valid Data Management support, for managing access to data and determining rules and operating conditions that guide the operation of the other components. Thus, Creval has chosen to rely on Irion and its platform of EDM, which the bank has long used for other functions. With its rich functional equipment, its versatility of use and the ease of integration, Irion EDM is also playing its role effectively.

“With the practical application of the RPA, we realized that these tools must be integrated into an overall process automation architecture, with data management and workflow management functions implemented with tools that manage them natively. Choosing Irion, which we already knew and appreciated, was a natural consequence “declared Matteo Pizzicoli, Head of Organization and Innovation Department of Creval Sistemi e Servizi.

Among the functions already automated by Creval are the coupon and card update processes issued by the bank. The latter concern the interventions of blocking, releasing, revoking a credit card, an ATM, a Viacard, a Telepass (for a total of about 100 workings a day, of which now around 80% no longer requires human interventions). When the customer shows up at the counter, the operator only has to insert in a module the minimum set of information necessary for processing, which is taken over by an EDM component that retrieves the necessary data, checks its consistency and activates the bot (the RPA application). The bot in turn performs, simulating the interaction of a back-office operator.

Creval has been our customer for a long time and the fact that it has confirmed its trust in us, by choosing us as support also in the RPA field, proves the effectiveness of our platform and the work done by our professionals “Alberto Scavino, CEO.