Christmas dinner 2021

The wait has been long, but we’ve made it through: Irion Christmas Dinner is back! Twelve months before, we cheered each other at a virtual meeting on Teams – not a common way to celebrate the end of the working year and share the many news in the company. Yet we promised to meet again, this time for real, as soon as possible.

We managed to say goodbye to 2021, looking each other into the eyes, more modestly but with great enthusiasm to be together. And, most importantly, with an affectionate thought for those who couldn’t be there with us.

With a glass in hand, we were together in the splendor of a frescoed 18th-century villa where couples tie the knots and create families – like that of Irion. On that December night, cold outside but not inside, we were with our families and those who share with us part of their lives. We hope this video takes you down memory lane!

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