Irion opens market in Spain thanks to Michele Iurillo

Irion opens market in Spain

Irion opens market in Spain with the appointment of Michele Iurillo as Country Manager. An Italian based in Spain, Michele is a member of DAMA Italy and VP of Marketing, Events DAMA Spain. He is the founder of the Data Management Summit, a reference event in the world of data management. Michele has been involved in the Business Intelligence world for the last 20 years. He collaborates with different media and Dataversity, a real reference in the data world. He is certified as CDMP by DAMA-I and lectures on the need for companies to discover the treasure trove of data that their systems generate every day.

Alberto Scavino, CEO of Irion, says: “We are thrilled to have Michele as our Country Manager for Spain and Latin America. With his extensive experience in the Data Management field and a strong network of relationships, Michele will play a key role in the opening of these new markets. Collaborating closely with our team colleagues, we are sure Michele will excel in his new job and ensure meeting our market goals.

Irion is a prestigious company and its platform is the number 1 choice in almost all the banks in Italy. We have chosen to open this market that by the characteristics and culture is very similar to the Italian market,” said Michele Iurillo. “Bank mergers and different regulatory issues in all sectors need a consolidation and a seamless management of data assets. Our EDM platform integrates perfectly into existing ecosystems and allows to generate important synergies in functional and performance terms.

About Irion

Irion EDM is an open, scalable, and efficient platform based on the innovative and disruptive “declarative” paradigm to implement and manage all phases of your Data Management process. It provides all the required functionality from start to finish in a modular Data Fabric-ready architecture.

Irion EDM is fully metadata-driven, a tuned and “active” system at the service of solutions and applications. With its declarative approach, you can delegate the execution of all processes and intermediate steps to the product. SQL-based and with little code, it is intuitive and easy to configure, even for non-technical specialists.

Irion EDM is fully auto-documented. It automatically creates complete and up-to-date natural language documentation on rules, processes, executions, engines, etc.

With its modular architecture, Irion EDM is a flexible solution for every step of the process. A single Enterprise Data Management platform provides:

  • Orchestration and monitoring of automated processes
  • Collaborative process management with interactions between systems and manual tasks.

It fully supports the value chain and Data Management processes:

  • Connectivity to external data and metadata sources (+200 data connectors)
  • Design of models
  • Processing and control
  • Presentation of results and accountability.

Irion EDM can provide a central repository for all metadata that drives Data Management processes: a coordinated and active metadata system where metadata is not only cataloged but drives and defines the application and processes, and a central repository for all operational data that is processed and persisted as appropriate.

Direct Contact

Michele Iurillo
c/o Impact Hub
Plaza P.R. Picasso, 1, 28020 Madrid – Spain
Mobile: +34 664850974 (Spain)