Regulatory Reporting

For effective and sustainable regulatory reporting

Our regulatory compliance solutions allow businesses to:

  • Alleviate the pressure from regulatory requirements that are overwhelming and increasing.
  • Meet regulation deadlines and requirements quickly and efficiently
  • Use a single solution that encompasses all the required steps of your compliance process while also improving the overall control of your data.


Increased Automation

Reduce manual work and increase the automation of those processes that are required for regulatory compliance.

Simple Compliance

Easily achieve compliance by providing supervisors and managers with a trackable, measurable system.

Increased Efficiency

Leverage our platform to create better cohesion between IT teams and business departments, resulting in a far more efficient path to compliance.


Automated Reporting

Reduce manual reports and documentation by using our automated reporting and documentation features, which can be tailored to your specific compliance requirements.


Our agile methodology allows for simple and fast extension to our solutions, meaning your EDM solution can evolve alongside your business.

Compliance Framework

We provide a compliance framework to solve any type of compliance regulation challenge with a well-defined and repeatable methodology.

"The Irion solution ensures a significant improvement in the quality of Regulatory Reporting attested by a large reduction (more than 90%) in notices from our national bank. It is efficient, and has streamlined our operative control processes, without an impact on internal resources "
— Financial Manager, Largest Italian Bank Group