Irion aids data scientists and engineers

Data scientists wanted …
The demand for professionals in the field is far greater than the offer. Once hired, putting them in the condition to do their best means making the investment profitable. This is our mission’s goal.

A data scientist, with his ability to analyze and interpret data, will soon become an essential figure. With his multidisciplinary skills, he will not only make use of available data to generate competitive advantage, but also to create new business models.

Thousands of companies all over the world and in different sectors are hiring data scientists, but not all companies create the conditions for them give their best. A research shows  that up to 79% of their time is dedicated to prepare data instead of analyze it. Having well-organized quality data is an indispensable, but if data scientists could devote their time analyzing data, and delegating data preparation to a data engineer, companies would not only derive greater value every time, but would allow their “scientists” to do what they love.