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Introducing Irion

With over 13 years of focus and expertise in the financial sector, working with some of the top financial institutions around the world, we understand the need for robustness and agility in managing business growth and change over time. Our platform and rapid prototyping solutions ensure that as your business grows and evolves, and market requirements and regulations change, Irion solutions easily and cost-efficiently scale and adapt to suit and assure the continuity, quality and compliance required.

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Our Platform

Our platform, with our 6 pre-configured solution accelerators, almost entirely eliminates the need for custom development work.

In addition, with industry-leading features such as OneClickAudit, OneClick WebAPI™ and natural language documentation we can dramatically reduce implementation time.

Irion is also proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner, a Cloudera Connect Partner, and an acknowledged Data Quality vendor by Gartner.


Our Team

Irion is a well-established company in the Italian market, with annual revenues of about 11 million Euro in 2016. We operate in Italy, the US and the UK with approx. 100 highly qualified employees in both the information technology and the financial-economic sectors.

Latest News

Irion Update 8: Adding new features to address future needs

By Franklin De Leon | October, 2017

We are proud to announce a number of improvements to our platform with the launch of Update 8. We have added new powerful features and now provide a wider range of services to help companies make the best out of their data. We have also re-branded our platform from IrionDQ to Irion. Although data quality…

How to obtain value from big data

By Franklin De Leon | September, 2017

Business continue to get swamped by the ever growing amounts of data and it has become fundamental to create systems for data regulation, validation and storage to satisfy business demands. Our CEO Alberto Scavino discusses the subject in an interview with Business Community. In which fields do you operate? Irion operates in Enterprise Data Management…

Irion at the Banking Union and Basel 3: Risk & Supervision 2017 Conference

By irion | August, 2017

Aren’t you tired of wasting time making complicated Excel reports for Basel 3 compliance? Then come and join Irion at the: Banking Union and Basel 3 Risk & Supervision 2017 Conference The Italian Banking Association’s yearly conference on risk, risk management, capital and European regulation compliance. 14 & 15 June| Rome, Palazzo dei congressi Irion will…

Irion participates in Banking Association’s Data Driven Banking Educational Program

By Franklin De Leon | July, 2017

Irion is excited to be participating as session leaders in the Italian Banking Association’s educational program “Data Driven Banking”, which is a series of days, from May through September, dedicated to sharing knowledge among the financial industries’ C- Level executives, managers, academics and international professionals. Data driven innovation improves efficiency, compliance productivity and a bank’s…

Irion Innovation Day – Creating Data Advantage

By Franklin De Leon | June, 2017

Our exciting conference last week with customers & partners was covered by Data Manager Online, read below for the article in English. A day dedicated to the world of data and how data can be a key point of success for businesses. From quality to integration, Irion explains the benefits of their platform. By Antonino…

Data Quality Evolutions for Big Data

By Franklin De Leon | May, 2017

This year we will be present at the first Italian Forum dedicated to Big Data in the Banking and Finance industries. Our session, titled “Data Quality & KQI in the era of Big Data” will discuss the evolution of data quality in the world of Big Data. We will explan the necessity of controlling data “end…

Irion is a Golden Partner at the 2016 ABI Conference in Rome

By Franklin De Leon | May, 2016

Banking Union & Basel 3, Risk & Supervision 2016 Annual Event for Risk Management, capital and  European Regulation. June 21 & 22 | Palazzo dei Congressi, Rome IRION, for the sixth year, is a sponsor at the ABI event, on Basel 3 and risk management in Rome. On Tuesday, June 21 during our session, A Step Further:…

Irion Implementation Continues to Grow Abroad

By Franklin De Leon | April, 2016

Investtech deploys end-user-managed gold copy data with the IrionDQ platform: “Irion is the simple answer to data management challenges, providing a fully-integrated framework offering a multitude of practical applications for data integration, reconciliation, data quality, governance and master data management. Its flexibility, application features, and rapid prototyping logic deliver intuitive solutions to business and technology…

Irion cited in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality 2015

By Franklin De Leon | November, 2015

Irion has been notably included in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Data Quality publication for yet another year. Cited as a firm within the other vendor category, we are listed as an important data quality tool vendor that should be considered for deployment needs; you can find our citation HERE, where Gartner notes that IrionDQ offers our…

Irion and Cloudera: Big Data Management at your Fingertips

By Franklin De Leon | September, 2015

Thanks to a strongly optimized technical architecture, Irion continues to be synonymous with elevated performance, even where the quantity and variability of business data increases, and the number of controls and execution times constantly require better performance. We are now pleased to announce the beginning of a partnership program with Cloudera Connect. Irion will be certified…

Customer Case Studies

Solvency II: RegTech Solution for Italian Insurance Companies

By Franklin De Leon | Sep 19, 2017

One of the largest Italian Property & Casualty and Life Insurance providers needed a data governance and quality system to be compliant with Solvency II. Data compliance for Solvency involves a wide spectrum of different business functions and therefore the need of a coordination & control center for all relative activities, in order to guarantee…

Investment Banking Front to Back Reconciliation for London Branch

By irion | Aug 15, 2017

Intesa Sanpaolo needed a system that provided greater efficiency and a better quality of results when it came to the reconciliation of operational flows between their various Front Office and Back Office systems. Too much of the process was manually executed and too many individual financial and operative tools had entered the chain, which in turn…

Fideuram Asset Management Ireland – simplified soft commission reporting thanks to Irion

By irion | Jul 14, 2017

Fideuram Asset Management Ireland’s soft commissions management system was complex to say the least. A manual process, locally managed by various departments across the company, it was disjointed and lacked integration. Not only that, but the entire procedure was based on individual productivity tools with no allowance for proper process tracking. In short, management of…

Controlled and automated data management for a Budget & Forecasting System

By irion | Jun 14, 2017

Sparkasse is a well-known and hugely important inter-regional bank that is well established within the Italian banking market. It has 140 branches throughout Italy that operate within various business segments including corporate, retail and private banking. They found themselves facing a number of data management issues for budgeting and forecasting process challenges and required a…

Market Data Validation

By irion | May 14, 2017

Our client, one of the largest leading Italian banking groups, deals with big data every day of the year. It’s no surprise, as they handle investment, consumer and retail banking and also have branches in New York, London and Paris. In 2015 they achieved revenues of $2bn. To stay ahead of the game however, they…

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